Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finished Energy Items

I have completed the task of making the energy items. It took me ages to start it because as soon as i volunteered to do it, i started getting assignment after assignment. i simply just forgot. it only took a few hours to do anyway. I have put it in the T.E.D. file under Samantha - energy item (task). I think the design it a little plane but you guys may make a few modifications if you want to.

Here is a picture of them.

update : 17 june

so of the things i have made progress with:
navmesh crash bug -> was in game core, a end game was pointing to start game
health numbers -> the code was running for ai, and dead people
health bar -> put in a health bar, and got that going

Sunday, June 13, 2010

the process...

I have to admit I'm only just beginning to get the hang of any of this but I'm really expodentially enjoying it (just as it's winding up- bugger)the TED, Eninroth projects. In understanding how to make things and movement and image digitially, I mean.
Early days but can really see the scope. Very grateful. Will have to hold back for 6 months while I sort out the rent but reckon I'll be back. Yes, I'll be practising so I don't miss a beat next time.

I wish you fellas all the best in your future careers.......One hopes that the industry will embrace your efforts but if they don't.........maybe you could remain a 'team' and get some sort of 'pirate' thing happening virally so your good works aren't in vain and are still 'out there'.




Got a peak view of TED trailers on Thursday. Impressive. Saw Vincent's, Stuart's and Mitch's good works but reckon you orta combine them. City and figure of V's with the details of M and S's. Also Mitch seems to have an editing talent.....continuity etc so maybe.......


still sorting the blog-business............this has been mia as you can see!

Sunday, May 30, 2010 WoW.
This comment has been mia somewhere in cyberspace.....until now......
Finally finished wrapped Samauri Robo last week. I found it pretty challenging as we'd not really covered unwrawpping and wrapping and texturing till last week and I'm remedial at this stuff...... Anyway this Samrobo is dressed with shingles and glazing from 'The Gerkin' (new contemporary building in London by Sir Norman Foster - worth a squizz). On the real piece of architecture the glazing wraps/ swirls up the torpedo shape (hmm) creating an effect of a (3 piece) suited entity. It is done in triads and diamond shapes much the same as medieval clear lead glazed areas- i.e.pre-flat glass. Fun, sorta.
Really appreciate the opp. for leaning heaps but thank really Sam for her patient tutorlege and Mitch, Ryan, Kate, Graham..... and Julius for showing me the lighting for 'Snake-building' and Stuart who's the fastest 'wrapper' in town. When fashion parades go completely digital he's definitely the man for the gig.
The good thing is my confidence is steadily growing with this stuff.
With gratitude,

Friday, June 11, 2010

node model breaking

got this response :
"Just to close the loop on this issue - I was never able to reproduce it by adding a node to the model, but I did get very similar behaviour when adding a collision mesh.

The trouble (in both cases I believe) is that T3D requires all meshes in the shape to use the same vertex 'format'. That is, the size of the data (position, normal, uv, color etc) for each vertex must be the same for all meshes in the shape. If one mesh has vertex colors, all meshes in the shape must reserve space for vertex colors, even if they don't use them. My understanding is that there are significant performance benefits to doing this.

Anyway, I found a bug in T3D that it was not enforcing this rule about vertex data when adding a mesh to a shape. The fix will be available in the next release (beta2). "

hope that makes sense to you multimedia guys :

Thursday, June 10, 2010

good news, bad news

good news, stuff is coming together, and the latest version on the share is 10june mk2....

bad news, the old bug with nodes collapsing the skin/model/whatever, is back with a vengence, seems that you can add nodes without it collapsing, and saves ok, but then collapses and crashes next time you load.... this is not good...

more progress

this text is here because blogger doesn't like my images
this is also here because blogger doesn't like the formatting
moreover the view you see and the view you get in preview and the actual blog is ALL different
and it seems to randomly remove and add new lines at will
Just a little update :
more of the hud is fixed (all gun icons in, charge hud and ammo hud working (ie showing and hiding respectively))
other hud things fixed (the reticles, the health bars etc etc)
the guns scroll again
the new gun model is in (with problems*)
the shot gun is in and firing (particles/decals might be crashing it**)

* the end material tears, the spinner material might be a duplicate and the offset/mountpoint has gone screwy
** had a BIG problem with decals, removed them, more testing made the computer blue screen, haven't been able to replicate it....

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Free Tree Model Generator


is a free Tree generator

it can export to blender and object files, not quite sure about animations, but it seems to have some

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Underground Research Lab 001

Here is a little level I've been working on recently, its to go underground a building, accessed by a lift. Basically its just a hallway to the boss chamber. Will update as I progress.